Lancaster Way Community Centre

Lancaster Way (off Ordinance Road)
Buckshaw Village
To make a booking for any of our community centres please visit the following webpage and fill in the form:​​​​
  • Centre Information

    Please note the maximum capacity for rooms is based on ‘theatre’ style seating, or standing.

    Large Room: Capacity up to 70-90 (for half room, 40 each side)
    The large room is perfect for celebration events, dance classes, fitness groups and a wide range of community clubs and social events. There are a significant number of tables and chairs for general use by the hirer. Additional equipment may be required for your event. With prior arrangement, the hall can be split into two rooms with soundproof panels, in the event you do not need the full hall or require two separate areas.

    ICT Suite: Capacity up to 15
    The dedicated ICT Suite is installed with fixed desktop PCs, perfect for those groups requiring Windows based applications as part of their training process. All PCs are directly connected to the internet, but Wi-Fi is also available should you need it. The large digital touch screen also provides a more streamlined training option for tutors and trainers.

    The large kitchen space is designed to be utilised on a day-to-day basis, but also to provide a working space for small groups wishing to hold some cooking or food preparation training as part of their sessions. There is adequate storage, 2 fridges and an additional worktop for wheelchair access. Some utensils and cooking equipment are provided on site to get you started.

    The community centre offers all the standard amenities including kitchen, washrooms, an accessible toilet and baby changing facilities. With special arrangements for regular hirers, there may be the option to utilise the dedicated secure storage space, should you wish to leave certain items on site between sessions. Wi-Fi is available throughout the centre.

    Lancaster Way Community Centre offers over 30 parking spaces for users of the centre and dedicated disabled parking bays.

  • FAQ

    Before Your Booking:
    Q. How many community centres does Chorley Borough Council run?
    A. There are 6 community centres we currently run:
    • Astley Village Community Centr​e-Chorley
    • Buttermere Community Centre-Chorley
    • Eaves Green Community Centre-Chorley
    • Tatton Community Centre-Chorley
    • Lancaster Way Community Centre-Buckshaw Village
    • Clayton Brook Village Hall-Clayton Brook

    Q. Are there any community centres nearer to Adlington & Heath Charnock?
    A. Yes. There is Fairview Youth & Community Centre which is owned by Chorley Borough Council, but it is managed by a local community association. You can contact them on 01257 475446.

    Q. Do the community centres have their own webpage?
    A. Yes. Each centre a dedicated webpage frequently requested information available.

    Q. How much does it cost to hire Community Centres?
    A. There are various prices. All prices are available in the community centre or on the website.

    Q. What capacity is each room at each centre?
    A. Capacities for all centres are available on the community centre websites.

    Q. Is there a building layout for each centre?
    A. Yes. Basic building plans, room layouts and specific room information are available on the community centre websites.

    Q. Who determines what price I pay for room hire?
    A. The Bookings Officer will determine the price once they have the full details of your session and can match it to our pricing policy.

    Q. What is the best way to enquire about a booking?
    A. Online at (Apply for IT)

    Q. Is there a direct phone number for enquiries?
    A. No. All enquiries should be made online.

    Q. What is the minimum lead time I can book a community centre?
    A. A minimum of three weeks’ (four is preferable) notice is required to book a Community Centre.

    Q. Why is it three/four weeks?
    A. We need time to process invoices, collate your information/documentation, inform caretakers and set you up on the finance system.

    Q. Can I book the centre for a children party?
    A. Yes. Prices are available on the website and there is a £100 bond required.

    Q. What is the bond for?
    A. The bond is for any damages and emergency callouts and will be returned the week after your hire if there have been no issues.

    Q. Can I have a bouncy castle or inflatable in the centre?
    A. No. These are prohibited.

    Q. Can I have a bouncy castle or inflatable outside the centre?
    A. Possibly. You will need to apply separately for an events licence and comply with any local or parish council regulations. Please contact the licensing department for more information.

    Q. I have been sent a ‘Party Disclosure’ form. What is this for?
    A. This is for you to inform of us of any ‘special’ activities you are including in your event such as:
    • Discos
    • Science Shows
    • Special Entertainers
    • Activities involving water, sand, paint etc.…
    • Sports/martial arts activities

    Q. Why do you need this?
    A. Some items such as sand are prohibited, and we also need to determine which activities are acceptable within the community centre. We may also require you to provide additional documentation from your entertainers, such as electrical certificates and Risk Assessments.

    Q. Can bring animals to site?
    A. Only assistance dogs are allowed on site.

    Q. I want to hire the whole centre and hold an animal specific event. Is that allowed?
    A. Technically we do not allow animal based events due the cost, extensive documentation and special measures require. Extensive criteria would have to be met before we could allow any animal specific event to take place.

    Q. Do I need to pay for any set up time I need?
    A. Yes. All set up and clear away time should be included in your booking hire.

    Q. Will the caretakers set up tables and chairs for me?
    A. No. Caretakers are not required to assist in setting up your events. You will be shown how to safely erect table and chairs as part of your initial induction process.

    Q. What other documents do I need to provide?
    A. You may be required to provide any of the following documents prior to your hire:
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Risk Assessments
    • COSHH Data Sheets
    • Food Safety/Hygiene Certificates.
    • Alcohol/Event Licenses
    • DBS evidence
    • Event Description/Disclosure Information
    • PAT Test Certificates

    Q. Do I need to send these to the booking office before my event?
    A. Yes, these are very important. Failure to send any of the required documentation two weeks prior to your booking will invalidate the session and it will be cancelled.

    Q. I received an invoice, how do I pay it?
    A. You can pay over the phone, online or in person at the Union Street Office. If you are a regular hirer over a period of 6 months you may be able to pay by Direct Debit. For party events it is advisable to pay by Debit Card, as this makes the return of you deposit/bond much quicker.

    Q. Will someone be on site to meet me at my first event?
    A. Yes. The caretaker will be on site to provide you with an induction detailing various aspects of the community centre, health & safety information and your responsibilities while you are on site.

    Q. Can I store my equipment on site?
    A. Possibly. If there is storage available, and you are a regular hirer, there may be the option to store certain items on site. You cannot store flammable items or unauthorised chemicals. Any long term storage would need to be agreed with the Community Assets & Partnership Officer.

    During Your Booking:
    Q. I can’t get in the building, what should I do?
    A. If you have the Caretakers number, contact them first. If you cannot contact the caretaker, please contact the office on 01257 515151

    Q. I arrived 10 minutes early and the caretaker wouldn’t let me in!
    A. Caretakers are instructed that hirers should stick to booking times to comply with our insurance and health & safety guidelines. As a rule, we advise all hirers to stick to their original booking times.

    Q. Why is this?
    A. There may be many reasons such as:
    • There may be contractors in the building completing work.
    • There may be another group still undertaking their session.
    • It may be that there are wet floors or additional cleaning that needs to be done before you can enter.
    • The caretaker may not have your booking on their rota as it is no longer active .
    • Health & Safety/Insurance stipulations.

    Q. I need to leave early but the building will be left unlocked if I do.
    A. If this is an emergency, please contact the caretaker who may be able to assist. Alternatively you can contact the office on 01257 515151.

    Q. This isn’t an emergency, I just finished early.
    A. Unfortunately you will need to wait until the caretaker arrives to lock the building. If you think this may be a regular occurrence, please contact the office to reduce your booking time.

    Q. I left my storage cupboards open and some items are damaged/missing.
    A. As per the Terms & Conditions of Hire, Chorley Borough Council cannot be held responsible for damage caused to equipment of possession left on site. All hirers take sole responsibility for any items left on site.

    Q. I left some food in the fridge last week and now it has gone.
    A. All food items are removed from fridges/freezers at the end of the day. As a general rule, hirers are not permitted to leave food in fridges/freezers longer than the period of hire or overnight.

    Q. If I have a problem on the day, or there is a fault, who do I contact?
    A. In the first instance, you should always contact the Caretaker. Contact information is available throughout the centre. Other contact numbers are also available on site.

    Q. There is not enough equipment for my session, please can you buy some more?
    A. While we do provide a ‘base’ amount of equipment for average use, we do no cater to each individual group. If your session requires specialist equipment or additional tables, chairs, crockery, kitchen equipment etc. You will need to provide this yourself.

    Q. Where can I store the additional equipment I brought to site?
    A. If you have contacted the office and arrange storage, you can store them in your allocated area. If you have not been allocated storage, you will need to take them away with you.

    Q. My booking is ‘back to back’ with another group and they left the room in a mess.
    A. All hirers are required to leave the centre as they found it. This may include sweeping and mopping floor, emptying bins, wiping down tables and in some instances, tidying of washrooms/kitchens. If another group is not complying with the Terms & Conditions of their hire, please contact the Community Assets & partnership Officer on 01257 515151 who will look into the matter.

    Q. I received a bill for cleaning. Why?
    A. It is likely you left the room in an unsatisfactory condition after your session. The caretaker may have had to spend additional time cleaning the room/centre. This additional time and cost is passed on to the hirer.
    Q. The caretaker says my booking is no longer on their rota. Why is this?
    A. Bookings follow the strict booking policy and that period of hire may have ended.

    Q. I have been coming every Monday at the same time for 3 years; does it not just automatically roll over?
    A. No. It is up to you, the hirer, to ensure the continuation of your booking is kept up to date. Regular hirers should ensure all information requested is received by the office in good time prior to the start of their next hire period.

    Faults/Damage/Health & Safety: 
    Q. The Wi-Fi and PC’s are not working, who do I contact?
    A. All network connections and PC’s are managed solely by our IT department. Please contact 01257 515151 to report any issues.

    Q. The printer is out of paper/ink. What should I do?
    A. Please contact the IT department on 01257 515151 to report the issue.

    Q. There is no flip chart paper. What should I do?
    A. While some centres provide flip chart stands, we do not supply the paper. You will need to purchase your own paper.

    Q. The fire alarm is going off but there is no sign of fire. What should I do?
    A. Evacuate the building and contact the caretaker immediately. Do not re-enter the building until you are told to do so.

    Q. The fire alarm is going off and there is a sign of a fire. What should I do?
    A. Evacuate the building and dial 999. Ask for the Fire Services. After you have done this, contact the caretaker. Do not re-enter the building until you are told to do so.

    Q. The intruder alarm is going off. What should I do?
    A. Contact the caretaker immediately. Alternatively, contact the office on 01257 515151.

    Q. One of my attendees has smashed a window. What should I do?
    A. If safe to do so, make the area safe. Inform all other groups on site. Contact the caretaker immediately. Alternatively, contact the office on 01257 515151.
    Q. Will I be charged for this damage?
    A. There is a high chance you will be, but it would be investigated prior to any charges being allocated to your booking.

    Q. I didn’t smash the window, why should I pay for it?
    A. As the hirer, you are responsible for all attendees to your session.

    Q. I have spotted a Health & Safety hazard. What should I do?
    A. Contact the caretaker immediately. Alternatively, contact the office on 01257 515151.

    Q. There is a suspicious person loitering outside the building. What should I do?
    A. If you believe this person may be nefarious, please contact the local police number available on site, or alternately contact the office on 01257 515151.

    Q. There are youth’s climbing on the roof. What should I do?
    A. First dial 999 and ask for the Police, then contact the caretaker.
    Q. There are youths banging on the windows and upsetting my group. What should I do?
    A. If you feel threatened, please dial 999 and ask for the Police. If this is more of an annoyance than threatening, you can contact the local PCSO number on site. Alternatively, you can contact the office on 01257 515151

    Q. A general member of the public wants to have a look around the centre. What should I do?
    A. Ask them to contact the office if they wish to look around the centre. It is not advisable to allow anyone into the building you do not know. This can be especially important for groups where children and vulnerable adults are present.