Waste and recycling

Important news about recycling your waste

Please double check you’re putting the right stuff in the right bin! If you’re not sure, you can see the full list in ‘Waste and recycling containers - what goes where!’ in the ‘Download it’ section on the right of this page.
The reason we’re asking you to do this, is because we need to improve the quality of the materials we collect. We’re getting quite a lot of non-recyclable household waste being placed in the blue bins, or items that are not sorted correctly. This could lead to loads being rejected at the recycling plant since regulations have tightened recently.

If in doubt, leave it out. Instead please put it in the green refuse bin which is for all other rubbish or take it to the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Lower Burgh.
There’s lots of information on this page, but if you need additional help and advice, please call us on 01257 515355.

Real Christmas trees: If you have a real Christmas tree, please remove all Christmas decorations and cut up the tree to fit it in your brown bin for composting. Alternatively you can take it to the household waste recycling centre at Lower Burgh for recycling. 

Waste and recycling collections are on alternate weeks. One week it will be recycling, the next will be general waste.

You can find out your bin collection day online and also what goes in which bin in the 'waste and recycling containers - what goes where!'.

Residents of Chorley can now have any Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collected from their household free of charge. You can recycle any broken or unwanted items, big or small, which needs a plug or battery to work.

You can check your refuse and recycling collection dates using the ‘Check your bin collection day’ links.

  • Asbestos disposal

    Asbestos must be disposed of appropriately at household waste recycling centres. The disposal of asbestos into general household waste bins is not acceptable due to the manual handling involved. More information about the correct disposal of asbestos and which household waste recycling centres accept it can be found on Lancashire County Councils website.

  • Assisted bin collection

    If you, or someone you know, has difficulty getting the wheelie bin to where it is collected from, and no one else is available to help, we can arrange for the crew to pull the bin out and return it back to where it is stored. The storage point can't be behind locked gates or in a garage, and we'll need to talk to you before we arrange the service. This service is free of charge.

    You can request a special waste collection online.

  • Clinical and sharps collection

    Clinical waste is collected every Friday. This needs to be arranged via a district nurse who will provide you with the necessary containers. The nurse will then need to contact us with details of your address before we can arrange the collection.

    Sharps are also collected on a Friday but you are required to contact us for every collection needed. The boxes are available from your GP or district nurse.

    You can request a special waste collection online.

  • Food waste collection

    Food waste from your kitchen now needs to go in your green bin rather than your brown bin.

    This is because as Lancashire County Council seeks to make savings, the special indoor composting facility using a controlled temperature necessary to kill bacteria in food is closing. The garden waste collected in your brown bin doesn’t need this high temperature treatment and will now be taken to an outdoor composting facility.

    LCC’s figures show that of the mixed food and garden waste collected, less than 1% is food and therefore the huge expense in treating food waste compared with garden waste cannot be justified.

    From 1 April 2016, please put your left overs from your meals, meat, fish and chicken bones, and your out of date food in your green bin for collection. Vegetable and fruit peelings can either go in your green bin for collection, or you can compost it at home.

    To find out more about home composting click the Get Composting link on the right of this page.

    To help reduce the amount of food you throw away, click the Love food hate waste link on the right of this page.

  • Large item collection

    Large items which do not fit in the normal bin can be collected separately for a charge.

    Items must be left at pavement level for collection. Items may include: Beds, tables, chairs and other furniture.

    Items not collected: Renovation waste such as rubble, wood, window frames and garden waste will not be collected. This waste should be taken to the tip( Household Waste recycling centre).

    Charity organisations such as Help the Homeless will take items of furniture or alternatively they can be taken to the local tip. Vans and some trailers require a tip permit. This can be obtained from Lancashire County Council.

    Fees for large item collections
    • ​Single item £17.50
    • Up to five items £31.50
    Note: Specific items will be counted as single items, for example a 3 piece suite will count as 3 items.

    Collections are available Monday to Friday. Our contractor can contact you to make arrangements. Specific collection times will not be given. Items should be left in the pre-arranged location with easy access and will be collected within 7 working days of the date of orders.

    You can request a large item collection online.

  • Missed bin collection

    If the bin was out for 7am on collection day at the collection point, then we will usually arrange for the bin to be emptied.

    The bin collection crew will normally return and empty the bin within 2 working days so you should leave your bin out or ensure it is in place for 7am at the collection point.

    Only report a missed collection after 3pm on the collection day, even if your bin is normally collected early in the morning, as the waste crew may still be out collecting.

    You can report a missed collection online.

  • Order bins and containers

    Green refuse bins are available in 2 sizes:
    • Small (140L) - for households that do not produce a lot of rubbish, generally no more than 2 people in the household
    • Medium (240L) – standard size for most households in the borough

    There is a charge of £44.50 for a green 240L domestic bin, with a £10 reduction for a 140L bin. The bin is then your property and you can take it with you if you move house.

     The Council's policy is for one green refuse bin per household. If you require an additional refuse bin you will need to complete a waste audit pack and return it to the Council. 

    Recycling containers (brown and blue bin with black pod and green box) are provided free of charge. Note we no longer supply black pods for small (140L) blue bins. Please order an additional green box for your paper. 

    You can order waste or recycling containers online, under Do It Online, Order it.

  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

    Free collections of household WEEE

    What is WEEE?
    • WEEE is Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and needs to be recycled separately from other waste.
    • If you have an old or unwanted household item such as a microwave, fridge, washing machine, or computer this is WEEE, basically anything with a plug or batteries.

    Chorley residents can now have WEEE items collected direct from your home free of charge. We have teamed up with Veolia Environmental Services and Recycling Lives to provide you with this free collection service.

    You can request a free household WEEE collection on our Do It Online section to the right of the page.

    The service is a doorstep collection service which means that the collection crew will call at your property to pick up the electronic or electrical items. Items must be left outside for collection. The crew will not uninstall items from within your home.

    Collections will be within 7 working days of the date ordered. Collections will be take place the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Items should be left in the pre-arranged location with easy access.

  • FAQs

    Why has my bin not been collected?
    Reasons why the bin may not have been collected:
    • Bin out on the wrong day
    • Bin not out by 7am
     Additional bags or bin overflowing
    • Wrong type of waste in bin
    • Bin not at collection point
    No access/obstruction

    What if I forgot to put my bin out?
    Your bin will not be collected until your next collection. However, you can take household waste to the household waste recycling centres.

    What if I put my bin out on the wrong day?
    Your bin will be collected on the next collection day.

    You can check your bin collection day online.

    My household bin isn't big enough - can you provide extra capacity?
    One household (green) bin is allowed and any extra waste should be taken to the household waste recycling centre. 
    If you have a valid need for more capacity such as a very large family, we will carry out a check on what you are throwing away to see if there is a way we can help you reduce it.

    A large bin may be offered but you will have to pay for this. More than one garden (brown) or blue bin is allowed.
    My bin is damaged - can I have a new one?
    You can report a damaged bin online. Your bin will be repaired where possible or, if not, a replacement will be provided. Replacement containers may not be brand new but will be of a useable standard.

    Where are my local recycling collection points?
    There are 23 recycling banks or 'bring sites' available across the Borough.
    The following items can be recycled at various locations:

    Consider taking textiles to local charity shops. Glass recycling facilities are also available at pub car parks in 18 locations across the Borough.
    Recycling collection points near you are available to view online.

    Can I compost at home? 
    Yes. Over half of the rubbish in most household bins can be composted instead of being sent to landfill. By composting at home you can turn your rubbish into a valuable conditioner to improve the structure, texture and aeration in your soil, helping your garden to bloom. Items such as fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags, egg shells, cardboard and of course your green garden waste can all be composted.

    People with larger gardens may have too much garden waste to compost in a home compost bin so they can also fill their brown bin with their garden waste and food waste which is then taken away and composted.

    A home compost bin scheme is in operation throughout Lancashire. To find out more about composting or to order a bin visit the Get Composting website or Tel: 0844 571 4444 (calls charged at 5p per minute from a BT landline; other landline or mobile operators may vary).