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Alley gates

Installation of new alley gate schemes

The Council have moved away from installing alley gates over the past few years as it does not necessarily address the problems that are occurring. We would rather work with residents to solve the problem i.e. anti-social behaviour. Therefore, before an application to install alley gates will be considered consideration of other informal or formal interventions will be looked into with the support of the local Neighbourhood Police Team and the Council's Community Team. 

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour or have other neighbourhood issues then please make contact via or 01257 515151 to raise these concerns. An officer will then look into the problems with you.

Cost of alley gate keys

New style key - £15 (new and replacement)

Old style key - £10 (new and replacement)

Keys will only be issued to those entitled to them, the keys are high security and cannot be copied.

You can collect your key from the reception area at Union street and pay accordingly to staff.

You may be asked to produce proof of address before a key is issued.

Where there is a need, extra keys will be provided at the same cost as the original key again with proof of address or valid reason for the request.


Report a fault or broken alley gate

From time to time faults do occur on the gates.

You can report a faulty or broken alley gate to us at any time. When you have reported the problem, we aim to investigate the issue within 48 hours.

Where we can, we will repair the gate when we visit. If we need to order parts or use a contractor, then it may take up to 4 weeks to complete the work.

It will help when reporting the fault to have the location of the gate and the fault you are reporting.

Report a problem with an alley gate


Report misuse of an alley/alley gate

Once we have gated an alley, residents should always close and lock the gate to make sure the alley is secure and free of obstructions. This includes not leaving household bins in the alley and placing them back into the yard after bin collections.

The alley should not be used to park vehicles as this causes an obstruction. If vehicles are blocking the alley, then please report this to the police on 101.

If the gate is being regularly left open or people are accessing the alley that should not be, please report it to us on 01257 515151.

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