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Bereavement services and charges

The current bereavement services fees and charges for Chorley and Adlington cemeteries, are shown below. Any payment due is required in full in advance unless a funeral director is arranging the funeral.


How to pay for bereavement services

To make a payment for bereavement services please call us on 01257 515494. 


Purchasing a grave

When purchasing a grave, you are buying the exclusive right of burial. This means that we are granting you the right to decide who will be buried in a particular grave, the ownership of the land and the responsibility for its management remains with us.

A deed granting the exclusive right of burial for 100 years (subject to conditions) will be sent to the grave owner. This deed must be produced whenever the grave is to be opened for an interment.

When the grave has to be re-opened for an interment, the deed must be handed to your Funeral Director, who will then make all the necessary arrangements with us. We will return the deed to the grave owner following the funeral.

If you wish to purchase a grave please email or phone us on 01257 515494.

The Cemeteries Policy contains the rules and regulations Chorley Council has in place to manage its cemeteries and memorials which may be placed in its cemeteries. Please read the policy before purchasing a grave to ensure you understand these rules and regulations.

Grave purchase/ exclusive right of burial

Adult grave£936
Children's graveNo charge
Cremated grave 



Monday to Friday

Burial of an adult£676
Burial of a child under 16No charge
Burial of a stillbornNo charge
Burial of cremated remains£156



Burial of an adultPlus 50%
Burial of a child under 16No charge
Burial of a stillbornNo charge
Burial of cremated remainsPlus 50%



Garden of remembrance plaque£104
Memorial - headstone (inclusive of first inscription)£156
Memorial - additional inscriptions and refix £47
Memorial - tablet or vase (inclusive of inscription)
Please note these are only permitted if no headstone can be erected 
Memorial bench inclusive of plaque £624


Other fees

Burial in a burial chamber£188
Purchase of a burial chamber£1,318
Construction of a timber lined grave£156
Non-resident charge+100% 
Family ashes plot£590
Grave marker£29
Certificate of burial/certificate of transfer(transfer of grave ownership)/copy certificate£32
Search fee£32


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