19 May 2018

Raise your self esteem workshop

Self Esteem is a vital tool for happiness. It is often mistaken for lack of confidence as this seems more acceptable to self.

Lack of self esteem and lack of confidence are intertwined.

1. Self-worth. This is how worthy or valuable you see yourself. This can (and does) range from very worthy and love-able to extremely unloveable and not worthy of any good things in your life.

2. Self-confidence. This is your belief in your own abilities and capabilities. People with high self-confidence have lots of faith that they can complete tasks, follow through with goals, make friends, and change their lives. On the other end, people with very low self-efficacy tend to feel hopeless and defeated, as though they can't make a difference (or dent, really) in their life.

This one day course will give you awareness of self and self image. It will look at your belief systems and it's flaws. From there you will begin to build a new belief system based on your true worth.

£30 for the day - please bring a packed lunch. We have a limited amount of places and prebooking is essential. To book your place please email team@followingthejoy.com or call 07434 986079. 

Saturday 19 May, 10.30am-3.30pm, Chorley women's centre, 55 Clifford Street.