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Corporate Strategy 2021

Involving residents in improving their local area and equality of access for all

We will:

  • launch Astley Hall attraction and visitor experience
  • lead activity to address climate change including tree planting
  • deliver actions to increase digital skills and access across the borough

Chorley will have:

  • residents who take pride in where they live and their achievements
  • residents who are all able to take an active part in their local and wider community
  • easy access to high quality public services, both face to face and online

How we will measure progress:

  • less than 3 SOA's in the worst 10%
  • 57% population with NVQ level 3 or above
  • 300 people attending digital skills sessions
  • 85% of people satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live
  • 25% of people who regularly participate in volunteering
  • 25% of people who feel they cannot influence decision making in their local area
  • people who participate in volunteering opportunity (as a result of an intervention by the employment service)
  • the number of claimants as a proportion of resident population of area aged 16-64

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