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Plants and wildflowers

We strive to make the borough a colourful and attractive place to live, work and visit, this includes the planting of bedding plants, bulbs and wildflowers. 


Summer bedding

We plant approx. 23,000 summer bedding plants; this takes place between the months of May and June. They are planted in various sites, for example: the gateways into Chorley, the roundabouts, the recreation grounds and Astley Park.

We have a team who regularly maintain all the floral displays which consist of weeding the beds, dead heading and watering them.


Spring bedding

We plant approx. 35,000 bulbs and over plant with different species of perennial. These are generally planted in October and November. The displays are throughout the borough, the entrances into Chorley, Cemeteries, Recreation Grounds and Astley Park.



We have committed to sowing multiple wildflower areas across the borough to both provide colour and to support insects and pollinators. The wildflower seeds that we use contains flowers species that are not native to the UK. Using non-native species extends the season that the flowers are in bloom and provides additional habitat and food for insects and pollinators. 

The visual impact of the flower mixtures is one of the benefits you can experience, of equal importance is the commitment to the environmental responsibility:

  • helps reduce our carbon footprint
  • introduces more ecological practices
  • adds value to the landscape and natural spaces
  • brings wildlife back into the town.

Wildflowers need to be left until they have died before they are cut. This will usually be done at the end of September or early October, giving the wildflowers the best opportunity to come back the following year.

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