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Transfer of grave ownership

Once a grave owner has been buried within the grave, we advise that the ownership of the grave is transferred.

No further burials, new memorials or changes to memorials will be allowed until ownership has been transferred. The new grave owner must prove ownership of a grave by producing either:

  • a will
  • grant of probate
  • letters of administration
  • a statutory declaration witnessed by an authorised court official, a commissioner for oaths, a magistrate or solicitor
  • proof of next of kin from a solicitor or magistrate


Cost to transfer grave ownership

There is a charge to transfer grave ownership. View current bereavement services charges 


Upkeep of private grave spaces

All private graves and memorials upkeep is the responsibility of the grave owner. We are not responsible for any damage caused to private graves. Items should only be placed up to half a meter away from the headstone, any such item may be removed without notice.

For more information please view our cemeteries policy.

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